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About COPS

C.O.P.S. originated from the largest paper recycling and media destruction company in Central Illinois, Midwest Fiber Recycling. Family owned, and focused on providing creative and cost-effective recycling solutions for its clients, Midwest Fiber responded to customer inquiries concerning document destruction by starting what has become one of the largest on-site shredding companies in the Midwest.                                      

Beginning with one truck in 2003, C.O.P.S. has grown into six mobile shredding vehicles that, when combined, shred up to 24,000 pounds of paper per hour! Fully automated with patented technology that allows for paper to be pierced and torn into particles, these trucks make documents impossible to reconstruct.

C.O.P.S. is an AAA certified member of the National Association of Information Destruction (N.A.I.D.), ensuring that we satisfy the highest level of security requirements for our customers. Like our parent company, C.O.P.S. values long-term relationships with our clients, responding to their security needs with dedicated promptness and professionalism.       

Media Destruction, Paper Shredding, & Hard Drive Destruction          


Considering our roots, it's no surprise that C.O.P.S. values environmentally responsible business practices, recycling all shredded paper at Midwest Fiber.




Benefits of shredding with COPS: