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Paper Recycling in Peoria IL

Secure Media Disposal & Document Shredding in Peoria IL

Since 2003, C.O.P.S. has offered document shredding services in Peoria IL. Our community shred days give you a chance to remove clutter from your home and office. View our event calendar to see our next scheduled shred day.

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Paper recycling affects everyone living in the Peoria IL area, and it's our mission to make proper disposal as easy as possible. While the removal, sorting, and recycling of large paper waste is not always easy for the individual homeowner or entrepreneur, our facility removes the difficulties from the process — all you need to do is bring the materials to us!

Paper Shredding Services

Whether magazines, newspapers, office paper, cardboard, or phone directories, C.O.P.S. can take them for paper recycling in Peoria IL. Envelopes and stickers are no problem at all because we use modern equipment to sort the paper and remove other materials such as metal clips and plastic windows. In addition, confidential information from the papers you want to recycle are completely destroyed when C.O.P.S. handles paper recycling in Peoria IL. We perform the highest level of information security with confidential shredding performed directly on your premises as you watch the process.

If you are a small business, municipality, school, hospital, large commercial center, office building, or waste hauler, then you can take advantage of the state-of-the-art paper recycling services in Peoria IL offered by C.O.P.S. Simply drop off your waste paper at one of our sites or call us to have your bulk waste paper picked up at your location. Even residential homeowners can also use our paper recycling services when they do their spring cleaning. We'll take any grade of paper so that you won't have to worry about some waste paper being left behind because they do not fit certain criteria.

Don't put off paper recycling because paper products decompose with time. C.O.P.S. can help you with paper recycling in Peoria IL and other services including the following:

Paper Recycling in Peoria IL - C.O.P.S

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