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Paper Recycling in Springfield IL

Safe and Responsible Disposal of Paper Waste

Since 2003, Confidential Onsite Paper Shredding has partnered with parent company Midwest Fiber to offer paper recycling in Springfield IL. Our mission is to make the paper recycling process as easy as possible. Click the link below to learn how you can help reduce the paper waste sent to our landfills.

Community Shred Days

Since 1990, Midwest Fiber Recycling, the umbrella organization of C.O.P.S., has been Central Illinois’ leader in full-service recycling options. Originally known as Weyerhaeuser Recycling in Normal and Decatur Paper Recycle Co. in Decatur, Midwest Fiber Recycling focuses on providing creative and effective solutions for its clients’ recycling needs. Today, paper recycling in Springfield IL is the norm owing to the efforts of C.O.P.S. in improving the ways of encouraging people to participate. C.O.P.S., through Midwest Fiber, has innovated paper recycling to envision a wider adoption of the process.

There are many advantages of paper recycling. For example, in 2000, recycling resulted in an annual energy savings equal to the amount of energy used in 6 million homes. In 2005, recycling was conservatively projected to save the amount of energy used in 9 million. Today, the energy savings resulting from paper recycling is very significant that many municipalities enjoy the advantages brought about by this environment-friendly habit.

Paper Shredding Services

C.O.P.S. provides not only paper recycling in Springfield IL but also on-site, secure document shredding services for businesses throughout the area, including purging and media/hard drive destruction services. We are an AAA-certified member of the National Association of Information Destruction (N.A.I.D.), ensuring the satisfaction of our customers with the highest level of security requirements. Like Midwest Fiber Recycling, C.O.P.S. values long-term relationships with its clients, responding to their security needs with dedicated promptness and professionalism. We can help you with paper recycling in Springfield IL.

Secure Paper Recycling in Springfield IL

Not only does C.O.P.S. recycle waste paper, but we also make sure that the information contained in the paper is also completely destroyed for your privacy. C.O.P.S. can help you with any of the following: