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Got a hacked Yahoo account? Here's what you should do
December 16, 2016 - Sherisse Pham, CNN


Yahoo has announced another huge security breach, leaving its users fretting once again about their personal information.

The latest data theft affected more than one billion accounts, Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) says. That's roughly double the number involved in the cybersecurity incident it announced in September, which is believed to be separate.

"Yahoo has now won the gold medal and the silver medal for the worst hacks in history," said Hemu Nigam, CEO of online security consultancy SSP Blue.

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The embattled tech company said it's notifying users who may have been affected by the breach and making them change their passwords. The problem is it happened all the way back in August 2013.

That means whoever plundered the information has had more than three years to exploit it, security experts say.

But there are still several ways to make your information more secure.

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