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What happens to paper after it's shredded by COPS?
What happens to paper after it's shredded by COPS?
January 30, 2017 - COPS Paper Shredding


C.O.P.S. Paper Shredding, a division of Midwest Fiber Recycling, provides on-site, secure document shredding.


But what happens to your documents after they're shredded?

Once your documents are safely shredded, they are brought back to Midwest Fiber, processed, and shipped to paper mills where shredded materials are reused and recycled into various paper products.

Because of concerns over the environment, the number of products made from recycled paper has rapidly increased. Many paper products are now made from recycled fiber, from toilet paper to greeting cards. Recycled products may be made from 100 percent recycled paper or, more commonly, they may be made from a mixture of new and recycled paper.

What Recycled Paper Becomes:

To determine how much recycled paper is present in recycled fiber products, check the package labeling, contact the manufacturers, or research the products online.

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