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2016 Shredding Totals
2016 Shredding Totals
February 14, 2017 - COPS Paper Shredding


COPS Paper Shredding originated from the largest recycling company in Central Illinois, Midwest Fiber Recycling.

Family-owned, and focused on providing creative and cost-effective recycling solutions for its clients, Midwest Fiber responded to customer inquiries concerning document destruction by starting what has become one of the largest on-site shredding companies in the Midwest.

Thanks to the security initiatives that businesses and residents continue to display, COPS Paper Shredding had another productive year of document and media destruction!

2016 Totals

Shredding over 7 MILLION pounds of documents in 2016, COPS was able to keep more than 700 MILLION sheets of paper containing confidential information from being the cause of a data breach. Whether shredding paper on-site at business locations, or at our residential drop-off locations, COPS is able to offer the highest level of security by shredding all of your documents before they leave your sight!

Environmental Impact

COPS brings all shredded paper to Midwest Fiber to be processed, sold to paper mills, and used as a raw material to make new fiber products. What's the environmental impact of over 7 million pounds of paper recycled?

We look forward to another great year of data security!

Thanks for reading!