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Commercial Paper Shredding & Media Destruction

<h2> Hard Drive/Media Destruction </h2>

Hard Drive/Media Destruction

Keep your digital data secure

Secure, On-site Media & Data Destruction     

In addition to our secure document shredding services, C.O.P.S. offers secure hard-drive destruction services, as well as secure media destruction, including micro media, such as CDs, tapes, and film. Simply erasing data is not enough to protect the security and confidentiality of your business. Protect your business by scheduling media destruction with COPS

Scheduling Hard Drive Destruction: How It Works

  1. Step One: click the button below to get a personalized quote for the services your business needs

  2. Step Two: schedule when and where you want your service
  3. Step Three: COPS team arrives on the scheduled date to conduct hard-drive destruction
  4. Step Four: receive a receipt for your records confirming that all documents were securely destroyed

hard drive media destruction

How Do We Ensure Completely Secure Hard Drive Destruction?

As part of our secure on-site media destruction services, our machines are specifically designed to destroy your hard drives so that data can never be retrieved or reconstructed. As long as the drives are physically intact, all private information can be retrieved, which is why we ensure that your digital data is permanently destroyed.

Shearing Services

Slices your entire hard drive into small pieces with 40,000 lbs. of destructive force. The process completely destroys the drive platters, mechanisms, and the electronic components rendering the data unrecoverable.

Crushing Services

Punching an irreparable hole through each hard drive with 7,500 lbs. of force pressure, destroying the drive platters, rippling and fracturing the magnetic surfaces and rendering the drive data unrecoverable.

Why Choose COPS For Hard Drive Destruction Services?

  • A secure process all the way through

  • A certificate of hard drive destruction after each service
  • Material is securely recycled with local partners

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