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Residential Paper Recycling & Document Shredding

Media Destruction & Paper Recycling For Homes in Bloomington, Decatur, Peoria & Springfield!

You don't have to own a business to experience the convenience of C.O.P.S. high-speed paper shredding service. If you have tax forms, financial documents, and other confidential data that needs shredding, you have choices!

Areas Served:

**Update 3/2/2021**

COPS has approved a revised residential paper shredding procedure.  For details and scheduling please contact our office.

Acceptable Items For Paper Recycling & Media Disposal

The acceptablie list of items for residential paper recycling and media disposal includes white paper, newspaper, computer paper, envelopes, index cards, magazines, paper clips, spiral notebooks, and 3-ring binders. To view the entire list of acceptable and unacceptable recycling items, click here.


A worker carrying a trash bin full of shredded paper at C.O.P.S. Shredding in Bloomington, IL

Drop-Off Options

** Update 3/2/2021**

Starting on 3/2/2021, COPS will resume accepting drop off shredding with updated safety procedures, at our Normal location.  Drop off days are Monday - Friday between 8 AM - 4:00PM.  Please call the office for more information and pricing.  Please make sure that there are no batteries, large metal, wood, or plastic objects, or other potential contamination mixed in with the papers to be shredded.  COPS reserves the right to check the material and refuse service if material is contaminated.

**Update 08/13/2020**

On 10/09/2020, COPS will have a special residential drop off location set up at the Decatur Midwest Fiber plant located at 1781 Hubbard Ave.  We will be accepting residential drop off BY APPOINTMENT ONLY with time slots between 8:00am - 12:00pm.  Please note at this time we will only be able to service those who have set up appointments through our office.  If you would like to schedule an appointment please call (309)452-0064 (press 2 for COPS).

Bring your documents to us, and our team will provide you with prompt and friendly service. C.O.P.S. has convenient drop-off locations in three Central, IL markets:


COPS' On-site Service

If you have a large amount of documents, we can come to you! Please call C.O.P.S. Customer Service at (866) 427-4733 to schedule a time.


Free Community Shred Days

Join us for a free shred-day event! Each person is welcome to bring up to 5 boxes of paper. Visit our Community Shred Days page to stay updated on times and locations. You can also follow us on Facebook for regular updates.



Secure media destruction to protect your organization.