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Since 2003 Confidential On-Site Paper Shredding (C.O.P.S.) has been specializing in offering secure mobile paper shredding, hard drives, and digital media for your business and residence. We offer confidential destruction services throughout Illinois. We are one of the few paper shredding companies able to offer onsite NAID certified shredding services, adding an extra layer of security to your personal and private information.

Since 2003, we’ve expanded our fleet of mobile shredding trucks from one vehicle to seven and have become one of the largest paper shredding companies in Illinois. Many other companies take material off-site to be destroyed, which compromises security. At C.O.P.S., our fully-automated mobile trucks come to you to shred paper. Our patented technology pierces and tears the material into small particles, making documents impossible to reconstruct and removing any chance of compromising the security of the material.

Since its inception, C.O.P.S. has been a member of the National Association of Information Destruction (N.A.I.D.), achieving its highest rating A.A.A. Our N.A.I.D.-certified shredding services ensure that we satisfy the highest level of security requirements for our customers. Like our parent company, Midwest Fiber, C.O.P.S. values long-term relationships with our clients, responding to their security needs with dedicated promptness and professionalism.

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C.O.P.S. recycles 100% of our shredded paper through our Environmentally Friendly Paper Shredding & Media Disposal division of Midwest Fiber Recycling. This keeps material out of landfills and gives it new product life as a raw material for manufacturers. By recycling at our own location, C.O.P.S. is able to retain a vertically integrated system, which lowers costs in the downstream process. Eliminating the need to outsource recycling services also increases security by not transporting the shredded paper to a 3rd party consortium.