Community Shred Day

If your file cabinets are loaded with confidential documents, and you want to give your shredder a break, join us for a free shred event!

Businesses throughout the community sponsor shred events to show appreciation to their customers, provide community outreach, and increase data security. As the largest on-site shredding company in Central Illinois, C.O.P.S. is privileged to participate in these events with our secure document shredding service.

Upcoming Community Shred Days:


COPS offers community shred days for the entire Central Illinois area, including Bloomington IL, Normal IL, Peoria IL, Chilicothe IL, Decatur IL. We also offer paper shredding services in Terre Haute, IN.

Reduced contact procedure:

  • All participants are required to stay in their car until notified by an event representative
  • Cars must stay in the traffic flow lane and wait their turn to be allowed service
  • Shred technicians are not allowed to handle the material, each individual customer will be required to place confidential documents in the bin for shredding
    • This will require participants to dump their boxes or bags into the service bin, please account for this and only use boxes or bags that you can lift yourself
    • Limit of 3-5 standard size boxes or bags per vehicle (limit set by host)
  • Participants are no longer allowed to park off to the side and bring boxes or bags in order to skip the lines, you will be required to wait in your car and in line for your turn
  • Please make sure there are no batteries, electronics, or large metal/wood in the material that you are designating for shredding, this can damage the shredding system
  • At this time we are not allowing participants to come up to the truck to view the shredding screen
  • COPS reserves the right to turn any participant away if they are not complying with the revised standards

*Information below is subject to change.  We suggest calling either the host facility or COPS paper shredding to confirm shred day date and time.



  • 6/1: ISU Credit Union      1309 S. Center St. Bloomington, IL                   8:30 AM – 10 AM
  • 6/1: Washington State Bank   1110 Peoria St. Washington, IL                      9 AM – 12 PM
  • 6/1: City of El Paso    700 S. Fayette St.  El Paso, IL                                        9 AM – 12 PM
  • 6/8: First State Bank & Trust    200 W. Main St. Monticello, IL                   9 AM – 12 PM
  • 6/8: Bank Champaign    2101 S. Neil St.  Champaign, IL                                9 AM – 11 AM



  • 7/6: ISU Credit Union    1309 S. Center St. Bloomington, IL                     8:30 AM – 10 AM
  • 7/27: Mt. Zion Library    115 W. Main St.  Mt. Zion, IL                                    9 AM – 11 AM


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