Hard Drive and Media Destruction

In addition to our secure document shredding services, C.O.P.S. offers secure mobile hard-drive destruction services, as well as secure media destruction, including micro media, such as C.D.s, tapes, and film. Our truck and destruction equipment come to you to make complete destruction easy. Simply erasing data is not enough to protect the security and confidentiality of your business. Protect your business by having you media fully destroyed by the COPS.

As part of our secure onsite media destruction services, our machines are specifically designed to destroy your hard drives and other media so that it can never be retrieved or reconstructed giving you complete piece of mind.

In addition to offering our onsite option COPS also allow a drop and shred option for Hard Drives at our 422 S White Oak Rd, Normal, IL location.  Call today to learn more about options and pricing.