Have you ever fed documents through an office shredder with a glazed expression, watching every single piece of paper descend into the narrow slot and disappear?

During the process, you may plan your grocery list, make evening plans, or become lost in the continual hum of the machine. If it’s a busy day at the office, you might be thinking of all the things you could be doing instead of shredding files. As you feed the shredder’s endless appetite, one piece of paper after another, do you wonder what it would be like to dump all the documents together in a large, high-powered contraption that handles box loads and bin loads of paper at one time?

Perhaps this was the original thought that inspired the invention of the shred truck. It’s certainly a thought that drives businesses to seek partnerships with shred vendors.

If you haven’t researched the legal, economic, and environmental impacts of on-site shredding services, it’s never too late to add security measures for data protection.


What You Eliminate with Outsourced, On-site Shredding:

– No More Shredding on your own

– No More removing paper clips or staples (our machines handle these no problem)

– No more emptying the shredder and cleaning up spilled particles

– No more maintenance nightmares or continuous replacement costs

What You Gain with Outsourced, On-site Shredding:

– The most secure method of information destruction available

– Proof of Compliance with State and Federal Laws and Mandates

– Audit Trail and Proof of a Responsible Information Destruction Program

– Reduced/Eliminated Liability

– Paper Recycling Program (all shredded material recycled by parent company Midwest Fiber)

– The Absolute Best Value

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