Shredding Concerns:

Your organization can protect itself by shredding confidential information. With the demand for service prompted by current legislation, new shredding vendors laden with excitement and dollar signs in their eyes are cropping up daily. To protect yourself, make sure to enlist a shredding partner that meets the following criteria:

National Association for Information Destruction (N.A.I.D.) Certification

This certification is a must in today’s compliance world and a base requirement in all qualifications. N.A.I.D. Certification ensures written policies and procedures to meet essential industry benchmarks. Do make sure all vendors provide proof of certification with their official N.A.I.D. Certificate.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance is critical, protecting a client in the event of a vendor breach of information and often insulating you from damage claims stemming from lost, private data. A growing number of R.F.P.’s require this level of coverage on behalf of the contracting company. Look for this trend to continue as legislation becomes more intense.

On-Site Service

On-premise, witnessed destruction is the best-practice methodology to ensure that all documents remain in the client’s presence and are destroyed appropriately before leaving the premises. On-site service ensures that the data will never be compromised. Click here to read more about On-site and Off-site Services.

On Staff Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (C.S.D.S.)

Only the most committed companies will go the extra mile to ensure a certified expert is on staff who will guide proper vendor actions and lend the most current guidance to clients concerning the rapidly changing legislation revolving around privacy compliance.

Adequate Capacity & Ability

Companies that are not regionally or locally based or employ only one or two trucks at a time may not be able to adequately handle your needs. Scheduling or mechanical issues can create massive service delays, which leaves your organization at risk. Make sure that your service company can accommodate your present and future needs.

References & Testimonials

Does this vendor have a verifiable reputation for handling documents under the special requirements of my industry? Do they have clients that are willing to testify publicly to the benefits of their relationship? Time spent proving claims will be well worth the effort!

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